“Number 19 is still on!!” – These Liverpool fans react to major Premier League development amid coronavirus crisis

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Many Liverpool fans have unsurprisingly taken today’s news well as it looks increasingly like the Premier League season will be completed at some point this year.

According to ESPN and others, the Premier League and EFL have made a commitment to making sure the 2020/21 season does not start until the 2019/20 campaign can finally come to an end.

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This is supported by an official statement, cited in the piece, in which it is stated the season will be postponed indefinitely, with the current return date pushed back until April 30.

One imagines it could still take longer for football to be able to start safely again, but this is an encouraging update for any Liverpool fans who were worried about this season simply being voided.

That would have wiped out all results and standings and seen things start again completely next season, but ESPN’s report suggests that is no longer an option that is going to be on the table.

This is also good news to fans of the likes of Leeds and West Brom as they chase promotion from the Championship, but it’s Liverpool fans in particular who are no doubt thrilled to likely get the chance to see their team win their first title in 30 years…