Premier League ‘summer football festival’ plan touted to play all 92 remaining games amid coronavirus crisis

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Premier League chiefs have reportedly put together a plan to complete the season and ensure a fair outcome amid the coronavirus pandemic.

All games were suspended earlier this month as the number of reported cases and deaths continue to increase in the UK and around the world with Europe now said to be the centre of the pandemic.

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The Premier League initially noted in their statement that their intention is to resume and reschedule games from April 4 onwards, but given the situation continues to worsen each day, it remains to be seen if that’s possible or not.

Debate has raged over the fairest way to end the season if the games can’t be completed, but ultimately some teams will be left furious over the decision and so the only fair way would be to find the time to finish the campaign. UEFA postponing EURO 2020 until next summer has certainly helped free up the schedule to allow for games this summer.

The Premier League are set to hold a meeting on Thursday to discuss the situation further, but industry insiders have revealed that they could be planning a major tournament this summer to get all remaining 92 games played.

It has been suggested that the plan would see all 92 games played behind closed doors at neutral venues at a separate time, with all games being broadcast live on TV.

Further, there could be more than one game at a specific ground on a given day while clubs could play every three days in order to get all the fixtures played within an allotted timeframe. There is a key reason for the neural venues too as it would limit the amount of support staff and relevant authorities needed while avoiding big crowds of fans outside the stadium.

Time will tell if it gets the approval of the Premier League, the clubs and the UK government, but it may well be one of the options on the table to get the campaign completed and to deliver fair results for all across the board from Liverpool winning the title, the Champions League qualification scrap and the relegation battle.