Tremendous show of loyalty from Chelsea star as he vows to play the full season – even if his contract expires

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There’s still so much up in the air when it comes to football just now, and it will be especially interesting to see what happens with players who are out of contract.

There are a multitude of reports with different claims about what will happen to the Premier League season, but if it is played to a conclusion then it’s possible that it will run past the contract expiry dates for a lot of players.

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That means many might have to sign extensions or might even leave their clubs before the games are played, so it could have a big impact on certain clubs.

This will come as welcome news to Chelsea, after Willian has vowed to keep playing for the rest of the season – even if that means his contract has expired by that point:

It’s a tremendous show of loyalty from the Brazilian, especially when you consider that he is 31 and may be looking for a new club in the Summer.

Realistically this is his last chance to land a big contract somewhere, so he’s putting that at risk if he gets injured while playing with no contract.

Even if this is his last season at Stamford Bridge, it shows his dedication to the club and ensures that he should go out as a hero.

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