Video: “Everyone wants to see Liverpool win it” Premier League ace gives his backing to Liverpool getting the Premier League title

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In a time where football fans are desperate to get one over on their rivals and will take a petty win wherever possible, it speaks volumes that nobody is coming up with any real opposition to Liverpool getting the title this season.

It makes total sense too, even if you hate them, they’re 25 points clear with only nine games left so there’s no way that they wouldn’t make it over the line.

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This video has emerged from Troy Deeney and although it’s clear that his main concern right now is making sure Watford don’t get relegated, he also shows that most players want to see Liverpool go on to win the league.

The video appeared on the BBC website and can be viewed here

While we still don’t know what will happen at this point, it’s clear that the players want to see the season finished in some way, and it seems fair to say most fans would agree with that too.

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