What Premier League and all 20 clubs will push for during key meeting amid coronavirus outbreak

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Both the Premier League and representatives of all 20 clubs will reportedly push for the current campaign to be completed.

The season is currently suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the intention set for games to resume and be rescheduled from April 4 onwards.

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It remains to be seen if that is possible if the situation continues to deteriorate with new cases and deaths being reported each day.

In turn, the decision will perhaps be out of their hands to an extent, as the UK government will no doubt take the lead on the matter.

Nevertheless as per the Mirror and the Guardian, both the Premier League and the clubs respectively want to get the campaign completed as their primary objective.

That plan will have been boosted by UEFA’s decision to postpone EURO 2020 until next year, thus freeing up time over the summer for domestic leagues to reach a conclusion.

Further, if all games can be completed, that will ultimately lead to the fairest outcome across the board with Liverpool going on to win the title, the Champions League qualification scrap being determined while three teams will be relegated.

After talk of a null and void season and other options, it seems as though the desired outcome for all parties concerned is to get the season finished, and if that means continuing to play games up to the end of June, then that will be the case.

That said, much will depend on how the coronavirus continues to spread in England, and what the government in turn decide to do in order to tackle it.