FA shut downs rumours that Wembley Stadium will be turned into lasagne dish

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According to the Mirror, the English FA have shut down rumours that Wembley Stadium will be used to make a giant a lasagne after a viral WhatsApp voice message suggested so.

A spoof audio message shared in a WhatsApp group chat has gone viral, with the rumours even spreading across social media platforms like Twitter.

Citizens of the United Kingdom will be aware of the false claims that have been going around on WhatsApp recently, we’ve had suggestions of a complete ‘lockdown’ – as well as aliens patrolling the streets.

In this particular rumour a man is heard saying claiming that the brother of his sister’s boyfriend works for the ‘Ministry of Defence’ and that the ministry are working on building a ‘massive lasagne.’

He suggests that this is being done in order to ensure that people remain fed whilst we battle against the Coronavirus pandemic.

It’s also claimed that the lasagne would be the size of Wembley – our national football stadium. With the

He certainly thought about this spoof in great depth, as it was added that Wembley’s ‘underground heating’, as well as the closure of the stadium’s roof, would be used to recreate an ‘oven’.

The spoof suggested that drones would then be used to drop the pieces of the ‘massive lasagne’ into homes.

Have a listen to the hilarious voice not that’s gone viral:

It’s wonderful to see the lengths our imaginations can go to.

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