Opinion: Football could be set for an unprecedented amount of transfers this Summer as agents start to feel the pinch

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The current global crisis will probably leave an impact everywhere in life for years to come, and it’s likely that there will be so many different knock-on effects when it comes to football too.

We’re already hearing that a lot of clubs are struggling without the income from match days, with awful stories about all members of staff being laid off or having to take pay cuts at this point.

It seems logical to wonder what impact this might have on transfers, and it’s possible we could see an unprecedented amount of big moves this Summer.

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The Daily Mail reported that agents were starting to struggle financially due to the crisis and clubs being unable to pay them from January moves. Of course they only make money when players are on the move, so expect that to impact things this Summer.

Agents have too much power as it is, but plenty of players might be feeling the pinch after having their incomes hit, so the prospect of a pay rise or a signing on fee with a transfer might encourage them to force a move too.

That can then lead to a giant carousel of transfers as every selling club will need to sign a replacement – agents will recognise this and will push their clients to needy clubs more than ever, which will result in even more transfers happening.

Agents may get a bad name and it’s unlikely this will impact the likes of Mino Raiola and other so called “super-agents” but a lot of unknown agents will need to make money somehow and this seems like the most logical way of making that happen.