Alleged ‘racist assault’ at Man United’s Old Trafford not captured by CCTV

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An alleged racist assault involving a Manchester United worker took place at Old Trafford earlier last month, but the incident was not captured on camera because the CCTVs were pointing in the wrong direction, according to a report in the Guardian.

The victim named Kamarl Nelson who is only 19-years-old was apparently slammed and pinned against the wall in a chokehold by Manchester United security guards in a racially aggravated incident before a Europa League match, according to the report

‘Alleged ‘racist assault’ at Old Trafford goes unpunished’

The youngster was once part of a Manchester United youth development side and reportedly sustained a fractured eye socket and bruised ribs as a result of the confrontation.

According to his account of the incident, he was called a “slave” by security guards who argued that he worked at the stadium.

The Greater Manchester police are investigating the matter but haven’t made any arrests as per the report. They reportedly went through 8 hours of CCTV footage but couldn’t find the incident on film.

Only footage of Nelson arriving at Old Trafford was captured on camera, while the incident involving the security guards wasn’t caught on the CCTV cameras.

Nelson’s mother, Donna James in conversation with the Guardian said:

“They [police] said that because the camera isn’t static it moves around so it’s not picked up the incident, which sounds odd – this is outside the front of Old Trafford. It doesn’t sound right at all.”

“As a family we just want justice to be served. We wouldn’t like this to happen to someone [else’s] son or daughter.” she added.

The youngster Nelson has been working for the club for six years working cleaning and catering shifts and previously as a ball boy, to save money to go to University.

Five witnesses spoke to the Guardian telling the newspaper that they saw security guards surround Nelson aggressively, while one claimed that he heard Nelson being racially abused.

At the moment, Greater Manchester police are investigating the incident and are trying to trace witnesses.