Carragher wouldn’t want Liverpool to be ‘given’ title if season was to finish early

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has expressed that he wouldn’t like the Reds to just be ‘given’ the Premier League title if the season was to be cut short due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Carragher, who has emerged as one of the top football pundits in recent years, admitted that Liverpool’s situation isn’t the biggest as the Reds are ‘going to go and win the league’ regardless.

The Covid-19 epidemic has effectively brought most of the world to a stand-still, the United Kingdom are in a near-lockdown situation – with many European countries like Spain, Italy and France already in this state.

Were the league to be cut short, Carragher added that it wouldn’t ‘feel right’ in his eyes – and we’re sure many Liverpool fans’ – for the Reds to just be ‘given’ the league.

Here’s what Carragher had to say:

“We all know Liverpool were, or are, going to go on and win the league. They only need to win one or two games.

“But if the league stops, it just doesn’t feel right. Yes, Liverpool may be given the league, that’s what people are saying. But there will always be something there that just didn’t feel quite right about it.”

“But that’s not going to affect Liverpool economically, or what division they are in. Teams going out of the Premier League really struggle to get back into the Premier League, so that could affect them for four or five years.”

Jurgen Klopp’s men deserve the chance to win the title on the pitch after their solid campaign, the relevant football authorities (FA and UEFA) should do everything they can to make sure this season finishes – regardless of how long it takes and if it means next season will have to be slightly delayed.

Liverpool winning the title is just a matter of time at this stage, with the Reds 25 points clear at the top.

Teams fighting for Champions League and Europa League spot, as well as relegation – would be massively impacted if the campaign was to be cut short.

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