Interesting news for Liverpool as UK precedent set with title awarded to run-away league leaders

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Although we keep hearing that football will start again soon and everybody wants to finish the season, we do have to face the reality that it may not be possible.

That would leave the authorities to decide between ending things based on the current standings or declaring the season null and void – each team’s position on that will probably come down to how it affects them.

You’ll struggle to find many fans who won’t agree that Liverpool deserve to win the league, they’ve virtually got it won anyway and it’s impossible to see any situation where they wouldn’t get the job done if the games are played out.

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In football it’s common to see nobody wanting to be controversial and set a precedent, so it was always going to be interesting to see who blinked first.

This report from The BBC may be very interesting to Liverpool fans, as it reports that a UK league has awarded the title to a runaway leaders.

Brora Rangers have been awarded the Highland League after they were 13 points clear with only 6 games to play, so that’s certainly comparable to Liverpool’s situation.

The Highland League is essentially Scotland’s fifth tier and they do play to be promoted into the professional leagues, so this also needs to be taken seriously.

Nobody knows if that will come into the Premier League’s thinking at all, but it’s yet another thing for Liverpool to point to if the season cannot be played to a finish.