Premier League star sleeps with wife’s SISTER after getting ‘wrecked’ during self-isolation

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Psychologist Steve Pope has claimed that a Premier League footballer slept with his wife’s sister out of boredom due to self-isolation.

The coronavirus pandemic has rocked the world, claiming thousands of lives already. The outbreak started in China and now more than half of the planet has contracted the virus.

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Several footballers and other personalities related to football have been tested positive for the coronavirus which includes Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta, Paulo Dybala, Paolo Maldini and most recently, Marouane Fellaini. Most of the leagues have been suspended until next month.

Pope said that footballers find it hard to cope without their regular routine and one Premier League player told him that he slept with his wife’s sister. He told the Sun: “Footballers, and especially the most famous ones, need the fix of playing in front of crowds. They need the regime of training and planning for the next game. In many ways they are obsessive people, doing the same thing day after day, and life isn’t the same without it.

“Since the football authorities called off the games my phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Players — and there are plenty of England’s top women footballers who also call me — don’t know what to do with themselves. One upset female player  texted  to say she and her team-mates had just been left in limbo — no instruction, no guidance, not even plans to train on their own.

“Premier League players have so much money, on the face of it they should have  no concerns. But they desperately miss the celebrity aspect of performing and  turn to other things, usually bad for them or destructive. One player phoned the other day to say, ‘I got wrecked and ended up sleeping with my wife’s sister’.”

The coronavirus outbreak has been the highlight of 2020 and things are not looking very good at the moment. Hence, it’s best for the footballers and all of us to stay indoors, refrain from leaving our houses and undertake all precautionary.

There’s no doubt that without their regular schedule, the players will feel boredom but instead of being ‘wrecked’ and doing stuff they might regret, they can spend time with their families and loved ones.