Classy Arsenal set to make donation and help NHS workers amid coronavirus crisis

Arsenal have confirmed that they will make a sizeable donation to local charities and organisations to help tackle the coronavirus crisis.

Football across the world is currently on hold due to the outbreak, with thousands of new cases and deaths being reported each day.

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In turn, with time to lend their support to others who need it, the Gunners have confirmed in an official club statement that they will donate £100,000 to local charities to help support those in need during the pandemic.

Further, the statement adds that the club will make cars used by ‘Arsenal in the Community’ available to transport NHS mental health workers as well as helping other NHS workers to deliver medication and emergency supplies.

Arsenal have also confirmed that they will take other steps to offer their support where possible too, and it’s certainly a classy move from the Gunners as everyone looks to try and help in any way possible in the coming weeks and months.

The return of football is evidently far from being the priority for many right now, and it’s important to see clubs and players all doing their part to help where possible.