Cristiano Ronaldo to fund hospitals in Portugal to open intensive care wings amid coronavirus crisis

Cristiano Ronaldo and agent Jorge Mendes are set to finance three hospitals in Portugal to open up intensive care wings amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The world is currently being hit hard by the crisis, with thousands of cases and deaths being reported across the globe.

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Measures are in place in countless countries to try and control the outbreak which in turn will allow the respective healthcare systems to cope.

Ronaldo, who is currently in Portugal after his mother recently suffered a stroke, is now said to be doing his part to provide support for hospitals in his homeland.

According to ESPN, along with Mendes, the Juventus superstar will fund North Lisbon’s University Hospital Centre with two intensive care wings and will also finance a wing at Porto’s Santo Antonio hospital.

“Businessman Jorge Mendes and Cristiano Ronaldo will donate two intensive care wings for the CHULN; each wing will be totally equipped and will have the capacity for 10 beds,” CHULN told ESPN.

“The units will be equipped with the charitable contribution of Mendes and Ronaldo. This equipment includes beds, ventilators, heart monitors, pumps and infusion syringes, essential equipment in the care of critically ill patients with COVID-19.

“These units, called UCI Jorge Mendes and UCI Cristiano Ronaldo, after the COVID-19 [pandemic is over] will be converted and will remain as a reinforcement of intensive care medicine, which had 31 beds before the new coronavirus pandemic, increasing its capacity to 51 beds.”

It’s a classy gesture from Ronaldo and Mendes, and there is no doubt that it will make a significant difference in helping the healthcare workers treat more patients and potentially save many lives.

That is ultimately the hope at those particular hospitals and all around the world at this point, as sadly the fact is that based on the numbers already seen and projections being made, there are many more tragedies yet to come as the world tries to tackle this crisis.

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