Opinion: Liverpool have outgrown Raheem Sterling – there’s no need to bring him back

Raheem Sterling didn’t leave Liverpool on the greatest of terms, so it would be fairly incredible if he did want to return.

In a simple analogy Liverpool were a girlfriend who Sterling thought he could do better than – yes he’s had some good times since leaving Anfield, but things in his new relationship aren’t going well and Liverpool have gone from strength to strength in the past few years.

A report from Sky Sports today seemed to indicate that he would like to return to Anfield, but you have to think that Liverpool don’t need him anymore.

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They have one of the best front threes in the world, Salah, Firmino and Mane all compliment each other so well and look like scoring goals in every game, so letting any of them go would need to be a last resort.

When you look at the circumstances surrounding Sterling’s departure, it would be a tough one to sell to the fans too.

Sterling in action for Liverpool

Most fans will remember how he forced his way out of the club to move to Man City who clearly had more chance of winning the title at that point, but things have now changed.

This Liverpool side won the Champions League last season and are run away league leaders this term and Sterling has a history of jumping ship to a more successful team, but that doesn’t mean Liverpool should take him back.

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