Photos: Stunning Italian TV presenter Diletta Leotta looks incredible as she works from home

DAZN Italy presenter Diletta Leotta has opened up on how life has changed during the coronavirus pandemic with football currently on hold.

The crisis has hit Italy particularly hard with thousands of cases and deaths being confirmed, although the last two days have seen those numbers slow down.

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It’s hoped that they’ve now seen the peak of their crisis and things will gradually begin to decrease given that they’ve been in lockdown particularly in the north for some time now, with Leotta said to be working from her home in Milan.

Known by many across the world for being the face of DAZN’s football coverage, the stunning Italian has given a candid interview on how the situation has been and how it has impacted her.

Further and more importantly though, she stressed that the safety and health of the people is more important than football right now, regardless of how much it’s being missed by millions of fans around the world.

“For now, we all need to think about our and everyone’s safety. We will get through this if everyone does their part,” she told the Sun. “Like football players on the field, we all have a role to play and our success will depend on how we perform as a team.”

“We hear the sound of ambulance sirens from sunrise to sunset all around us and the request for hospital places is now much greater than the supply. I am seriously worried.

“I’ve never had fever, cough or breathing problems so I haven’t been checked. I’m all alone in my house with the hope that all this mess will be over soon, but frankly I don’t think this is going to be a situation that will get resolved soon.

“Fortunately I am still working. We have developed a new format with DAZN Italia called ‘DAZN Calling’.

“I make video questions from home to sports stars on how they are spending this period, trying to convey a massage of positivity and hope to all people.

“I love football and I miss it a lot but now all our thoughts should be focused on health and safety issues in order to respect all the rules we have been given.

“In these difficult days some sports channels are broadcasting old matches of the Italian national team to boost our national pride.

“Football matches can be useful to remind us our strength to overcome obstacles, on the pitch as in life.”

Time will tell just how long this goes on for as the government and relevant bodies will make the appropriate decisions, but judging from the photos below, life at home is treating Leotta pretty well it seems…

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