Bad news for Liverpool as National League set to void their season, major impact on EFL expected

The English National League is preparing to void their season and cancel all remaining fixtures, which could result in other divisions doing the same.

This is according to the Evening Standard, who report that this potential decision ‘could set a significant precedent for professional football.’

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Many clubs in the National League have been hit hard by the suspension of football, as a lack of revenue means teams are unable to pay their players and staff. Whilst the outbreak of the coronavirus has impacted everybody involved with sports, the bigger football clubs find themselves in a much more stable position than others.

The above report states that the lower league will look to void their current season, as many clubs are on the brink of bankruptcy. This will, however, have major repercussions on the other divisions, as relegation in League Two would likely be scrapped too.

It does leave question marks over how the EFL would react and deal with their own divisions, with there being no official plan in place yet. Of course, voiding the campaign would come as a big blow to each league leader, particularly Liverpool, who have dominated the Premier League this season.

Alongside the Reds, other PL teams would also feel the harsh impact of their campaign being cancelled. Sheffield United have exceeded all expectations with their league position, with the likes of Leicester City and Burnley also in a similar boat. Each club is usually rewarded for their final standing at the end of the season, meaning sides could likely miss out on large projected revenues.

Whilst no official announcement has been made as of yet, the financial situation that National League sides find themselves in, suggests there are very limited other avenues to go down.

It feels unlikely that the leagues will resume by April 30th, so a decision needs to be made sooner rather than later.