Chelsea ace confirms he will be terminating his contract with the club

The issue of player contracts just now is a huge one, especially when you consider the season may be played for longer than some last.

As things stand, in theory that means players could be putting themselves at risk if they play on with no contract, as a bad injury could leave them without a club next season.

There’s been plenty of talk about some of Chelsea’s veteran players moving on after this season, and it seems Pedro is the first to confirm his intentions.

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As reported by The Sun, Pedro has confirmed he is terminating his contract with the club, so it sounds like he might leave straight away.

It sounds like his reasons for this go beyond football, with the report suggesting he has children back in Spain that he hasn’t been able to see, so hopefully this means he will be able to travel home to be with his family.

It’s still not clear what he has planned in a footballing sense, but it does sound like some things are more important than football right now.

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