Coronavirus to have huge impact on transfers, with football authorities considering extended window

Football authorities are considering pushing the next transfer window to run from the end of the season, until the end of January, reports the Daily Mail.

The coronavirus has had a devastating impact on the world of sports, with events and football leagues being suspended until further notice. This has led onto discussion as to when seasons should be completed, or even if they should be voided for that matter.

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Without a thorough schedule in place, this also leaves question marks over the summer transfer window, and when football clubs will be able to conduct their business.

According to the Daily Mail, officials are looking to put in place one long window, that would run from the end of the campaign until the end of January. Such plans stem from the fear that the current season will not be able to be finished by June, leaving clubs with no sufficient time to finalise transfer deals.

The report also cites the issue regarding player’s contracts, with many names being available on a free come June 30th. This obviously poses a big problem for clubs, who may need such players should the season be prolonged over this date.

It certainly is a story that is worth keeping tabs on, as a decision will need to be made in the coming months. Clubs, players and agents need such news to organise their futures, with there being lucrative amounts of money involved with transfer deals.

Of course, the situation is completely dependent on the coronavirus, and when sport is allowed to resume.