Juventus chief insists Coronavirus crisis will result in more swap transfers in the future

It’s clear that football clubs are going to take a huge financial hit after play was suspended and leagues may not finish, but it could take years for us to determine what the consequences will be.

You have to think that transfer fees may not stay at the ridiculous levels we’ve seen lately, so it could be interesting for a couple of reasons.

According to a report from Football Italia, Juventus chief Fabio Paratici has insisted that football will become more like the NBA and we will see more swap deals rather than transfer fees.

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It makes sense from a financial point of view, but it’s also easy to see why the clubs might see this as an easy PR win.

It’s hard to explain to the fans why you’ve sold a big money signing for a fraction of the fee you paid, but if they are swapped for someone who’s seen as having a similar value or ability, then no one will bat an eyelid.

The other thing to watch out for is release clauses in contracts. It feels like they have risen to crazy levels, especially for the biggest name players as clubs look to protect themselves from the situation that saw Neymar move to PSG.

The problem is that the majority of players will have modest release clauses designed to let them go if they play well and capture the attention of a big club, but they might be too expensive now as well.

That means we might see plenty of contracts being renegotiated, so it will be fascinating to see how the transfer market stands when things return to normal.