Premier League star blasted by police after breaking coronavirus lockdown rules

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Everton forward Oumar Niasse has reportedly got himself in trouble with the police after breaking the coronavirus lockdown rules.

It was announced by PM Boris Johnson earlier this week that people should stay at home unless they are going out to buy food, medicine, do a form of exercise or perhaps if they are simply unable to work from home.

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Those clear rules have seemingly been lost on some people though, and now the Sun report that Niasse was given a ticking off by police after he was stopped driving his Mercedes without a seatbelt on and with a friend and two girls inside the car.

It sounds as though no further action was taken, but it’s evidently pretty irresponsible and reckless decision-making from Niasse which also wasted police time.

“You are bang out of order, a disgrace. As a Premier League footballer you’ve just put everybody here at risk. What are you doing? It’s totally embarrassing,” a police officer is said to have been heard to say to Niasse.

A witness in Withington, Manchester, said: “It is shocking that Niasse is carrying on regardless.

“We’re not supposed to gather with more than two people in public yet everyone in that car seems to think they can do what they want.

“The officers were suspicious and clearly not happy at what they came across. They shone a torch into Niasse’s face. He was ordered to spell his name.

“There was even apparently a call put in to Everton to let them know what one of their players was up to. The girls left in an Uber. Niasse was given strong words of advice and sent on his way.”

It’s added that police can issue £30 fines for those breaking the lockdown rules without a genuine reason, and so it’s unclear if Niasse will have to pay up or was let off. Either way, it’s not a good look for him…

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