Barcelona players turn on the management as Real Madrid reveal they won’t ask for pay cuts

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If anyone wanted to know how precarious the financial situation is at most football clubs, it’s evidenced by players being asked to take pay cuts within weeks of play being suspended.

The amount of money in football is staggering at times, but this suggests clubs are stretching themselves to ridiculous levels and the over reliance on TV money and fans continuing to pay crazy amounts is apparent.

Even Barcelona aren’t immune, but it sounds like the players have not taken kindly to this at all.

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As reported by Cuatro, the Barcelona locker room has openly spoken out against the leadership of President Josep Maria Bartomeu, saying they don’t trust him and they haven’t agreed a deal to take a pay cut at this point.

It sounds like this could be dangerous for the club going forward if the players turn against the management, but it’s also in stark contrast to their biggest rivals.

The same outlet has suggested Real Madrid are in good financial shape so their players won’t be asked to give up any of their wages:

To make things worse form a Barcelona point of view, it’s clear they need several new signings this Summer, but this news suggests the money might not be there for them to do that.