Gary Neville reveals five-point plan to finish Premier League season, deal with contracts and transfer window

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville has revealed his five-point plan to address various issues amid the coronavirus crisis which has suspended the season.

As things stand, the Premier League have announced that fixtures are suspended until April 30 at the earliest, although the season has been extended indefinitely in order to allow for it to be concluded over the summer with EURO 2020 now postponed.

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However, there are reports that a new announcement will be made next week pushing that date back as the crisis gets worse in the UK, and so it remains to be seen when or if it is deemed safe to resume games, perhaps even behind closed doors.

Neville has had his say on the matter, and has addressed concerns over player contracts expiring in June as well as the transfer window being shifted.

Further, he has also suggested that financial packages should be sorted out for clubs in need lower down the leagues in order to ensure their futures and to avoid seeing them go under during this period of uncertainty.

Meanwhile, he also hit out at a report suggesting that players in both the Premier League and EFL are furious over the idea of potentially having to play three games in five days to finish the season by June 30. Clearly that isn’t an excuse that Neville wants to hear as it ultimately may well be needed in order to get things finished in the fairest possible way.

These are unprecedented times which in turn creates uncertainty over what will be decided, but the safety and health of players, coaches, fans and the public will remain the priority for all concerned.

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