How transfer window could change as major FIFA decision touted amid coronavirus crisis

FIFA are reportedly considering a major change to the summer transfer window this year as the coronavirus crisis continues to deepen.

Football has been shut down across the globe in recent weeks as the outbreak continues to claim thousands of lives.

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Time will tell when the peak is reached for most European countries and the US, but for England, the Premier League is currently suspended until April 30, albeit there is speculation that a new announcement will be made next week to push that date back further.

Ultimately, there will be no football until it is considered safe to lift lockdowns around the world, and that not only impacts the completion of the current season, but also player contracts which are due to expire in the summer and the transfer window.

According to Tuttosport, FIFA are reportedly contemplating a huge change to the schedule as it’s suggested that there could be a four-month transfer market this year which would ultimately see the summer and winter markets combined.

That means 16 weeks for clubs to make relevant deals to react after the crisis, with the details said to be contained in a FIFA document which was compiled by a working group to react to the situation and find viable alternative options.

There is of course an economic impact to consider too when we see the other side of this crisis, as countries around the world will have to recover from this lockdown and there has been plenty of talk of another recession.

In turn, giving clubs four months to get their affairs in order in the transfer market could certainly help, and as seen in his tweet below, it’s certainly something Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville is in favour of too.