Suarez to help feed 500 families in Uruguay during Coronavirus outbreak

Barcelona star forward Luis Suarez is to donate to feed 500 families in his native Uruguay during the Coronavirus outbreak, as per reports in the Mirror.

According to the report, Suarez contacted Uruguayan authorities to set up a plan to feed children who have been impacted as a result of the government deciding to close all schools.

In Uruguay, thousands of children depend on free school meals every day and have been impacted as a result of government restrictions during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Suarez has now pledged to help provide grocery baskets and cleaning supplies in packages to the district of Casavalle in northern Montevideo, Uruguay.

Suarez has followed the example of other players across Europe who are doing their bit in helping with funds for certain causes across the continent, including his teammate Lionel Messi and this gesture by Suarez shows he has a big heart.

Speaking about the donation in his homeland, Suarez said: “It is the least I can do for the people who need it most.”

“It never crossed my mind to return to my country because the best way to care for Uruguayans is for me to stay at home.

“If I have to, I will help from a distance. I will do it proudly, if and when it is needed.

“I think about my children, about the precaution of being locked up at home to avoid people and to avoid contagion.

“The recommendation the government and the experts give is to stay at home – so that is what everyone has to do.”

Suarez’s cause is sure to help hungry children in Uruguay and it truly is a remarkable effort by the Barcelona star.

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