Bad news for Liverpool as Harry Kane calls for this season to be scrapped

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It’s starting to become clear that no one really knows what to do with the Premier League this season if play cannot start again soon.

Of course plenty of fans and players will hope things can begin again soon, but the Coronavirus crisis continues to get worse so it’s hard to see that happening.

The main options seem to be just ending things as they are, using some kind of formula to work out results for games that haven’t been played or just scrapping everything and forgetting it ever happened.

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That last option will be the most contentious, as clubs in danger of relegation will love it, but anyone on the verge of a title will be utterly furious.

That situation applies to Liverpool – we all know they would go on to win the Premier League, but it sounds like support is starting to emerge for just scrapping things if they aren’t resolved soon.

As reported by The Independent, Spurs striker Harry Kane is in favour of scrapping the season if it’s not finished by the end of June.

He said: “I know the Premier League will do everything they can to finish the season, and that they are looking at every option possible. I think, for me, we do need to try to finish the season. But there needs to be a point where enough is enough.”

“Playing into July or August and pushing next season back I don’t see too much benefit in that. But obviously I don’t know too much about behind the scenes and financially.”

“Probably the limit for me is the end of June. If the season’s not completed by the end of June we need to look at the options and just look forward to next season.”

Interestingly he doesn’t offer any solution for what would happen this season, but Spurs have little to play for and it’s been a disappointing season, so you can see why they would just want it to be over.

The word “scrapped” suggests no titles would be awarded, so Liverpool will hope this attitude doesn’t spread much further.


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