Opinion: Recent events mean Man United can’t go anywhere near Jack Grealish this Summer

We’re all used to footballers making questionable decisions and elements of their private lives being strewn across the papers, but Jack Grealish’s recent actions could hamper him for years to come.

He’s been heavily linked with a move to Man United this Summer and it’s clear to see why, he’s creative and versatile, has proven quality in the Premier League and has a bit of a swagger that is missing from some players at the club.

For those that haven’t seen it, Grealish recently ignored the government’s calls for people to stay at home, as he went out to meet some friends, got drunk and then crashed into some cars on the way home.

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This all happened when his Twitter page had pinned a video message of him pleading with people to stay at home to help those in the NHS.

The big problem here is this isn’t any old footballer indiscretion, it’s come at a time of national emergency where people are starting to get increasingly tetchy about those who aren’t trying to help.

Some images of Grealish’s car after the incident

Certain businesses are being targeted online for a boycott when this is over due to their treatment of staff and trying to exploit the situation, and Grealish could be tarnished as someone who took his privileged status and abused it while telling the general population what to do.

It was still unclear if he was actually good enough to improve Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s starting XI, so this could be the perfect excuse to ignore Grealish and move on to other targets.

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