“Ridiculous” and “Selfish”: Criticism continues for Jack Grealish as former player tears into his actions and apology

In some ways it’s actually a good thing that Jack Grealish has caused so much outrage over his recent actions.

A few years ago nobody would’ve batted an eyelid as he displayed a real lack of maturity, but he started to settle down and was becoming a role model at Aston Villa.

That’s all out the window now after he flouted the lock down rules to meet some friends before crashing into some cars afterwards. Just in case that wasn’t bad enough, his Twitter at the time had pinned a tweet of him urging others to stay inside to help the NHS.

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The Sun has picked up on some comments made by Jamie O’Hara after the incident and Grealish’s apology emerged, and it’s fair to say he’s not buying his words at all:

“I think it’s completely idiotic behaviour from him and I’m really disappointed in him because I’ve been his biggest fan this season.”

“What I can’t understand is his thought process in doing it. He’s a role model, he’s got the world at his feet.”

“People are working tirelessly hard to keep people alive, and you’ve got people like Jack Grealish, flouting the rules to go out and have a party. It’s ridiculous.”

“His apology is embarrassing. He hasn’t actually said sorry.”

“He just said he’s embarrassed. Of course you’re embarrassed. You’ve embarrassed yourself because you’ve got caught. I just think it was a ridiculous statement to put out. A ridiculous act.”

“And not once has he put in his apology or mentioned the NHS staff. Not once has he apologised to them, because they’re the people that are suffering. It’s a selfish statement.”

It comes at a time where many wondered if he might be on the verge of a big transfer this Summer, but these actions will surely raise some serious character concerns for any interested sides.

As far as decisions go, you have to think Grealish is now seriously regretting his choice to go out that night.

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