This La Liga stat suggests Cristiano Ronaldo IS BETTER than Lionel Messi

Although they have totally different styles, there will always be comparisons made between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as fans of both try to argue that one is better than the other.

Of course both will go down as being up there with the greatest of all time, but it’s interesting to look at the stats to see who might have had the better career.

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The most obvious head to head between the two comes from the Ronaldo era at Real Madrid, where he led them against Lionel Messi’s Barcelona over many years.

Fans of Messi will claim that there’s more to his game than goals so that isn’t the thing that defines him, where anyone who has ever seen Ronaldo play can see that he’s determined to score as many as possible every time he steps onto the pitch.

That’s reflected here, and Ronaldo’s goal average during his time in La Liga is just incredible:

Of course Messi’s isn’t bad either, but for any player to score more than a goal a game in that many appearances is just incredible.

We live in a time where most strikers will happily get into double figures for a season, so it shows that these two are operating on a level so much higher than everyone else.

The main thing is just to enjoy both while they are still playing, but this one could be chalked up as a minor win for team Ronaldo.

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