Great news for Liverpool as Major European League set to award title to runaway leaders

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Of course everyone’s health should be the main concern just now, but you have to imagine that plenty of Liverpool fans will also be worried about what will happen in the Premier League this season.

It’s clear they would’ve won the league if things had proceeded as normal, but then football was suspended and there’s been a lot of talk involving just scrapping the season altogether.

That would be a shame for this Liverpool side after they put together one of the greatest Premier League seasons of all time, but it’s starting to look there could be some good news.

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It’s evident that a lot of decision makers in the top leagues have been waiting for someone to else to make the first move and set a precedent, and that’s now happened in Belgium.

As reported by Sky Sports, the league’s board has recommended the season should be ended, and that means Club Brugge should be crowned as champions.

Brugge are 15 points clear before the league was due to go into it’s final split stage, while Liverpool are 25 clear with 9 games remaining so it’s easy to see the parallels there.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but the likelihood of Liverpool being awarded the title continues to get stronger.