Premier League discuss scrapping VAR if the league restarts due to Coronavirus fears

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You’ll struggle to find many fans that would be that upset if VAR was removed from the Premier League, but this probably isn’t how we imagined it happening.

We’ve been subjected to minutes of officials trying to draw lines on the screen to see if an armpit was offside, missed decisions with mistakes being admitted after the fact and plenty more nonsense since it’s introduction.

Of course the league has had to stand by it or they would’ve looked foolish for bringing it in, but the Coronavirus situation could liberate us from VAR for now.

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As reported by The Daily Mail, the Premier League is trying to decide what to do about the system if and when play restarts.

It sounds like this will be dependent on the situation in the country, but it requires three officials to be in close proximity as they look at any footage, and that couldn’t happen if we still require social distancing.

It still seems unlikely that the league will continue behind closed doors as the players and coaching staff will all be at risk, but this could be a small silver lining at least.