Lionel Messi’s private jet makes emergency landing in Brussels due to mechanical fault

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Lionel Messi’s £11m private jet was forced to make an emergency landing in Brussels, Belgium due to a mechanical fault, according to a report in the Sun.

The jet was on its way to Tenerife in the Canary Islands from Argentina when there was a fault with the plane’s landing gear.

According to the report, the aircraft was on its way from Argentina with a stopover in Recife, Brazil. The plane then touched down in Zaventem Airport in Belgium at 9.18 am today morning.

However, after flying out of Zaventem airport at 10.35 am it returned back to the airport just 43 minutes later due to a mechanical fault with the plane’s landing gear.

Messi bought the plane, a Gulfstream V private jet, two years ago.

But at the moment there has been no news as to whether Messi and his family were on board the aircraft, with the report noting that he merely regularly hires it and has even personalised it.

The chances of him being on the jet though are slim given the lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis, and so it’s unclear if it was perhaps being used by family, friends or perhaps even another use entirely not linked to the Barcelona legend.

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