Premier League captains discuss pay cuts and donations to the NHS

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Premier League club captains were on a video conference call today to discuss potential donations to the NHS and proposed Premier League and EFL pay cuts.

This comes shortly after ongoing talks between the Premier League, EFL and PFA regarding a wage cut for players across the English top-flight.

According to a top analyst who published a report on the coronavirus’ impact on the football industry, Premier League clubs could be forced to sell players if they don’t instate pay cuts for players.

However, there has been no news of pay cuts instated for players as yet.

BBC journalist Dan Roan claims that the captains of Premier League clubs have now resumed talks with the Premier League and EFL regarding potential collective and individual donations to the NHS.

Roan also reports in the tweet below that proposed wage cuts or deferrals were discussed during the call.

According to an earlier report, Manchester United players are more comfortable making donations from their salaries as opposed to taking pay cuts, which seems to be the general consensus across the whole Premier League.