Why Premier League clubs could be forced to sell players if no wage cuts during coronavirus crisis

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Premier League clubs may be forced to sell players at knockdown prices if player wages are not cut during this coronavirus crisis, according to a report in the Guardian.

A top analyst has warned Premier League clubs that they might be forced to sell players if a solution to player wage cuts during the coronavirus pandemic is not found.

This comes shortly after top European clubs Juventus and Barcelona both announced wage cuts for their players.

There have been talks between Premier League clubs and the players’ union, the PFA, for a week now but there have been no solutions to the possibility of a wage cut.

Speaking about the situation James Barford of Enders Analysis, who recently compiled a report of the effects of the coronavirus on the football industry, said: “They have to agree player wage reductions; that has to occur. But if the agreed temporary wage reductions are not adequate, there could be problems.

“If the reductions aren’t sufficient but they are in other big football clubs and other big leagues in the world, then the only other option to avert bankruptcy for many Premier League clubs will be to sell their players.

“They could be forced even to sell them at cut prices, perhaps to the Chinese Super League or to rivals in Europe that have got their act together.”

At the moment however the Premier League is yet to announce any pay cuts for their club players as the coronavirus epidemic continues across the UK with all English top-flight football remaining suspended.