‘Disappointed’ Liverpool staff member slams club’s furlough decision

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An unnamed member of Liverpool’s staff has reportedly told BBC Sport that they are ‘disappointed’ by the club’s decision to place some staff on furlough.

Liverpool announced in an official statement earlier today that they have placed some of their staff impacted by the Premier League’s suspension due to the Coronavirus on furlough.

As per BBC Sport, ‘furlough’ is the job retention scheme which sees the government cover 80% of the wages of employees (up to £2,500 a month) whose work has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Liverpool’s affected employees aren’t being impacted financially as the club reveal in their statement that these members of staff will be paid 100% of their salaries, suggesting that the Reds are paying the 20% that furlough doesn’t cover.

The Merseyside outfit’s worker also added that ‘I’m not feeling like a family member’ and that other businesses are ‘more in need’ of the furlough scheme.

Here’s what the staff member had to say to BBC Sport:

“The club call their staff their family – I’m not feeling like a family member.”

“Why is a club that turns over [millions of pounds] using a government scheme for its staff when other businesses are more in need of it?”

“I feel disappointed and I’m feeling that this government scheme could be used by businesses in trouble.”

As per BBC Sport the staff member added they “disappointed, especially after Everton said they were not doing it”.

Liverpool’s statement adds that the club are aiming to “to protect the best interests of the club and our staff in both the short term and the long term,” with their decision.

The league leaders are the fifth Premier League club – joining Tottenham, Newcastle, Bournemouth and Norwich, to place some of their staff on furlough.

Given the massive financial worth and power of most Premier League clubs – especially one of Liverpool’s stature – is it fair for the Reds to make use of the government’s job retention scheme?

Whilst most may find it easy to slam the club for their decision, we must remembers that clubs are very much businesses, are Liverpool just making a move that protects the team from a business standpoint during these challenging times.