Celta striker Fedor Smolov escapes back to Russia to visit Boris Yeltsin’s granddaughter

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Sometimes you see a story that just seems so bizarre that it almost has to be true.

Like most of the world, Spain is in lockdown and La Liga clubs have ordered their players to stay in the country until everything blows over.

Celta Vigo have already had issues with Pione Sisto deciding to drive back to Denmark, but it seems like one of his teammates has stepped up to take the heat off him.

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According to The Guardian, 30 year old Russian striker Fedor Smolov defied those instructions to return home to see his fiancee.

In a way you can understand that he might be missing her, but it gets weirder when you find out he’s engaged to an 18 year old, who just happens to be the granddaughter of former Russian president Boris Yeltsin.

The report indicates that he did ask the club for permission to return home, only to ignore them when they denied the request.

It’s not clear what the punishment will be or if his future at Celta is now in doubt, but it’s a stupid thing to do when you consider the current global situation.

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