PFA push back on Premier League’s call for all clubs to reduce player salaries by 30%

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The coronavirus pandemic is really beginning to hit home where businesses are concerned, and football clubs certainly aren’t exempt from the same.

Following a call by the Premier League for all of its member clubs to reduce player salaries by 30%, the players union, the PFA, have hit back.

According to BBC Sport, the PFA have suggested that whilst such a move would save more than £500m, the loss of more than £200m in tax contributions to the UK government would hit organisations such as the NHS hard.

“What effect does this loss of earning to the government mean for the NHS?” a statement released by the PFA said.

“Was this considered in the Premier League proposal and did the Health Secretary factor this in when asking players to take a salary cut?”

England coach, Gareth Southgate, has reduced his salary in line with the Premier League’s proposals, it would appear as a gesture of goodwill, whilst the BBC also note that some Premier League clubs are now being put under intense pressure to relieve the financial burden, after furloughing some of their non-playing staff.

The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Oliver Dowden, also weighed in on the argument.

“Concerned about the turn football talks have taken…People do not want to see infighting in our national sport at a time of crisis,” he tweeted. “Football must play its part to show that the sport understands the pressures its lower paid staff, communities and fans face.”

What’s abundantly clear is this unprecedented situation has many more twists and turns to come, and it remains to be seen if Premier League clubs eventually accede to the reductions, or continue to play hard ball with, what must be said, a legitimate argument.