Premier League clubs to individually negotiate pay cuts for players as talks continue

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Premier League clubs will be individually negotiating pay cuts for players after the announcement of a 30 per cent pay cut for players was announced by the PL in a statement earlier this weekend, according to a report in the Guardian.

According to the report, talks for a collective agreement for pay cuts have been dragging on with no decision made as yet.

The players have been told that clubs could lose out on £1.137bn due to the economic ramifications of the coronavirus crisis. However, the PFA have responded saying a 30 per cent pay cut would be detrimental to the NHS.

This comes shortly after news that Premier League players headed by Jordan Henderson are starting a collective fund to help aid the coronavirus fight across the UK.

According to the Guardian report, the Premier League had hoped that the potential pay cut situation would be resolved in Saturday’s video conference call that included managers, captains and representatives of all 20 Premier League clubs, however, there has been no conclusive decision yet, as talks drag on.

At the moment, the PFA, the Premier League and all 20 clubs continue their discussions as all league football remains suspended across the country.