Manchester United show Liverpool how it’s done with commitment to paying staff without furlough scheme

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Manchester United have confirmed they will not be using the government furlough scheme and vow to continue paying 900 members of staff amid the coronavirus crisis.

Many football clubs, even the biggest in the world, are likely to suffer financially during this period with no money to be made from matchday tickets, but Man Utd have not joined Liverpool in using taxpayer money to pay non-playing staff.

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Liverpool have been heavily criticised for their approach, with footballers at Anfield still earning huge sums from the club, whereas others are now having 80% of their wages covered by the government.

With many Premier League football clubs owned by billionaires, there is surely much better use of government money and United look to have done the right thing in continuing to pay their staff themselves.

The Red Devils have not got a lot right on or off the pitch in recent years, but their response to the coronavirus pandemic has been better than most.

Most notably, United striker Marcus Rashford has really stepped up with his scheme to raise £20million to feed kids going without school dinners, as reported by the Sun.