Wayne Rooney gets ticking off from police during coronavirus lockdown after chance Kyle Walker meeting

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Wayne Rooney has reportedly been lectured by a police officer after he bumped into neighbour Kyle Walker outside their homes.

Similarly to many countries around the world currently, England is in lockdown amid the coronavirus crisis with everyone being urged to stay home.

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Exercise is permitted once a day though, which in turn has seen a number of people head out for walks and runs while they’re only allowed to do so with members of their own household while adhering to the social distancing measures.

However, as reported by the Sun, Rooney was taking a walk with two of his children when he bumped into Walker who was with his ex-wife Annie Kilner and their three children.

It’s claimed that the pair got a ticking off from a police officer who spotted the group together, and they were subsequently told to go home separately having essentially broken social distancing protocol.

“Their kids go to the same school and spotted each other and understandably ran over,” a source is quoted as saying. “The families stopped to talk when all of a sudden the police swooped on them.

“It was all totally innocent and not deliberate.

“Kyle has split from Annie but has been going to see his kids during the lockdown.”

Seems a bit harsh in truth but the advice and guidance is there for a reason and especially given that they’re in the public eye, anything they do will be scrutinised whether fairly or not.

Fortunately, it doesn’t sound as though any further action was taken, while Walker is already busy dealing with other reports of his antics during the lockdown as he’s facing disciplinary action from Manchester City after allegations of a ‘sex party’ at his flat with two escorts.

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