FA Chairman warns we face “losing clubs and leagues” as he details the scale of financial loss due to COVID-19 Shutdown

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It’s still the case that nobody really knows how long this shutdown will last and just how badly football clubs are affected, but the forecasts continue to get more worrying.

There has to be a huge concern about clubs managing to survive this, when you consider that clubs have gone under in recent years when things have been going well financially, so this could be a massive issue.

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FA Chairmain Greg Clarke’s statement was released on their official website, and some of his words are very concerning when it comes to the future of clubs and even leagues:

“The FA is suffering from the severe financial consequences of the pandemic which could be in the range £150 million upwards over the next two years. The pay cuts and furloughing we have implemented buys us time to understand more fully the duration of the lockdown and its economic impact on us.”

“We are committed to finishing the professional football season as this resolves the issues of promotion and relegation together with title winners on merit. However, we may not be able to finish the season as football is not our priority, human life is, and we will do as the Government directs as the pandemic unfolds.”

“We face the danger of losing clubs and leagues as finances collapse. Many communities could lose the clubs at their heart with little chance of resurrection.”

Amid the concern it does also make you wonder about their approach when it comes to actually starting play again.

He also confirms in his statement that the priority is human life and not football, but you worry that some owners might see things differently if finances continue to go south.

It’s likely that many will want football to return as soon as possible and it would be a welcome distraction to many in these times, but it could also make things much worse in the long term if a quick return is forced.

Hopefully all clubs do come through this okay and it may even force clubs to be much more sustainable going forward, but it’s clearly a huge worry for many just now.