Former Barcelona star Ronaldinho finally leaves prison after agreeing to seven figure bail deposit

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It’s incredible to think that if we go back a few weeks the main shock in the footballing world was Ronaldinho going to jail for trying to use a comical fake passport to enter Paraguay.

He’s been held with his brother in jail for over a month now, despite attempts at the time to find an alternative. There’s some relief for the former Barcelona man after reports emerged that he had managed to post bail and will be under house arrest instead:

He will now be held in a house in Paraguay’s capital Asuncion instead, but it doesn’t sound like his worries are completely over.

The report also states that there are issues back in Brazil where he’s had 57 properties seized and he owes the authorities more than €2m in unpaid tax. The report also states that his brother is his business manager, so surely he’s at fault for some of this too.

The passport in question

It sounds like a trial is still expected to take place, so it’s worth following this to see what happens.


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