Huge losses that each Premier League club will incur if season is voided with Man Utd hit hardest

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Premier League clubs stand to lose out on large sums of income if the remainder of the season is cancelled, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Last week, Liverpool and Tottenham announced that they would be furloughing staff but Liverpool then reversed their decision on Monday after heavy criticism from fans.

However, the amount of income lost by Premier League clubs has been revealed in a detailed financial analysis by the Mail.

According to the report, clubs that have frequently posted losses are in for a huge hit in income. Clubs such as Everton stand to lose £32.2m, while Crystal Palace and Brighton will lose £31.9m and £23.9m respectively.

Sheffield United also stand to lose out on a huge £38.8m while Norwich who have already furloughed their staff are set to miss out on £19.5m.

A huge chunk of income for Premier League clubs comes from TV rights and broadcast deals but with no football aired on television during this crisis, all the PL clubs stand to take a huge hit.

Meanwhile, amongst the top clubs, Manchester United(£116.4m), Manchester City(£109.3m), Liverpool(£102.6m), Chelsea(£91m), Tottenham(£83m) and Arsenal(£74.8m) all stand to lose out on huge sums of income.

With the resumption of the Premier League uncertain at the moment, PL clubs stand to incur these losses as the economic ramifications of the coronavirus impacts the entire football industry.

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail.