Jose Mourinho arranged for Spurs players to train together DESPITE countrywide lockdown

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The general public could be forgiven for starting to wonder if there’s one rule for them and another for the rich and famous.

The news is riddled with stories of famous figures ordering everyone to stay inside – only for them to break that advice themselves and it’s resulting in a lot of anger.

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Obviously football clubs are in the same situation as everyone else so the players need to stay at home and follow any individual training regimes, but that might not be the case at Spurs.

According to this report, Jose Mourinho arranged for some players to take part in a training session today:

There’s really two ways of looking at it, as it’s possible they really just happened to be in the same park at the same time, so it depends on how that training looked.

If it was a simple case of running around and keeping distance then it might be okay, but you can be sure that members of the public would be attracting police attention pretty quickly if they arranged for a kickabout down the park.

There’s no signs of any fall out with this just now, but you have to think we haven’t heard the last of this.