La Liga forced to deny radical plans to complete fixtures when play restarts

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As a football fan there really is nothing worse than having an extended period without any games to watch, but we all know it’s something that had to be done.

Plenty of fans will be looking forward to play starting up again, but there still doesn’t seem to be any acceptable plan for playing out the season and ensuring we start next season again too.

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It does feel like the majority of teams want this season to be played to a conclusion, but Marca have reported that La Liga had to come out and deny a fairly radical solution.

They said in a statement that it’s completely false that they were looking for clubs to play a game every 48 hours, which does seem sensible.

We always hear about fixture congestion and how quickly players get tired, plus Spain is a big country so a lot of games and travelling is only going to end in injuries and a poorer standard of play on the pitch.

Interestingly they don’t deny the possibility of playing a game every 72 hours instead, but they do stress that nothing has been agreed at this point.

It’s a big problem for the individual leagues to work out, but a lot will depend on how long it takes to get play up and running again.