UEFA President says there’s “no way” Liverpool end this season without the Premier League title

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The initial decision to furlough the non playing staff at Anfield has been quite the distraction in recent days, but it doesn’t hide the fact that there are matters on the pitch to be sorted.

With a 25 point lead over Man City it’s clear that Jurgen Klopp’s men were going to win the title, but then the suspension of play happened and things are uncertain.

We’re still waiting to see one of the big leagues make a final decision as we wait to see what happens with the current global crisis, but just cancelling an entire season seems unlikely.

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Until things are confirmed then that will always be a worry for the Liverpool supporters, but some comments from the UEFA President should be comforting.

As reported by Sky Sports, he seems adamant that the title will be Liverpool’s one way or the other with comments to Slovenian outlet Ekipa.

He said: “I see no way for Liverpool to stay untitled. If the championship resumes, they will almost certainly win it – theoretically, it has not yet reached the guaranteed level, but it is practically close.”

“However, if it could not be played, it would also be necessary to announce the results in some way and find some key on how the champions should be determined. And, of course, again I do not see a scenario in which that would not be Liverpool.”

Hopefully we do find a way of playing things to a close on the park, but this is the clearest sign yet that Liverpool can relax.