Bundesliga leads the way with plan to restart soon but the fans will miss out until 2021

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Unless you happen to follow football in Belarus it’s been a tough few weeks without any meaningful action to enjoy, but it sounds like the Germans could be the first to make a real plan to get the league started again.

As reported by The Sun, they do have plans to start again soon and ensure the season is played to a finish.

They confirm that teams have started training again, with games hopefully recommencing in May with a view to getting all of the matches completed before the end of June.

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Unfortunately for the fans they won’t be allowed to attend games until 2021, as it’s confirmed all games will be TV only for the supporters at this point.

The report also states that although Germany has suffered a high amount of COVID-19 cases, they also have a thorough testing process so it’s possible to start playing again without causing any extra burden on their healthcare system.

Anyone in the UK with BT Sport should be able to watch the Bundesliga as it gets up and running again, and it will be interesting to see if this is the example that other leagues decide to follow.