Club Director claims the Premier League are close to announcing they are scrapping this season

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Football has been suspended for a few weeks and although we’re yet to see any real direction from a big league, it will probably come down to the situation in each individual country.

A recent report from The Sun indicated that the Bundesliga was poised to restart next month after teams returned to training and Germany have managed to implement a proper testing system.

That’s miles away from the reality here where testing is a shambles and a lot of people are still unsure what it means to stay at home, so the Premier League could remain suspended for a long time.

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According to a different report from The Sun, the league is actually about to announce that this season will be scrapped.

They looked at some comments from Udinese director Pierpaolo Marino who has some links with Watford, and it’s clear he thinks this is going to happen soon.

He said: “The Belgian Federation has already sanctioned the end of their league, despite the threats of sanctions from Uefa.”

“In England, the Premier League is about to release a similar statement, because the situation there is becoming very, very serious.”

Of course that will immediately lead to questions about what will happen with relegation and Liverpool winning the title, but it’s probably worth waiting for the announcement to actually come before getting caught up in that debate.

It’s not clear where Marino has got his information for this, but it certainly sounds worrying for fans.