No hiding for the Arsenal players as Mikel Arteta uses hi-tech equipment to track their progress

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We’re all used to a boss or an employer using technology to keep tabs on our productivity, and it seems like the Arsenal players aren’t exempt from this either.

It sounds like all players have been given individual training regimes to follow to ensure they stay fit, but Mikel Arteta has gone one step further just to make sure no one is slacking off.

According to a report from The Sun, Mikel Arteta has arranged for his players to be plugged into a GPS network, and it allows him to monitor their fitness levels as they work out from home.

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It should ensure that players have nowhere to hide and have to take their fitness seriously, but it would probably also be obvious who hasn’t been doing things properly once they return to training.

It’s also hard to say if they can truly maintain the fitness needed to play matches in such a confined space, so it does make you think we might have to see a mini pre-season to allow players to get their match sharpness and fitness back.

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