Stark warning for football clubs as Bundesliga CEO warns of transfer market collapse

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It’s a strange situation for football clubs financially, as nobody really knows how badly they will be impacted until things start to return to normal.

We’ve seen countless transfer rumours linking clubs with all sorts of players as if nothing will change, but we might have to face up to the reality that transfers may not be the same for a while.

It’s possible that clubs will lack funds and perhaps swap transfers could become much more common, but this warning from the Bundesliga CEO is worrying for the fans:

It’s completely understandable that transfers might not happen for a while, as the market is dependent on every team moving players on in some way.

Clubs could face a giant shortfall in terms of TV money and fan revenue, so that could take a lot of time to catch up.

We might see some of the richer clubs being able to afford signings and some of that will trickle down the food chain, but this is a clear sign that we might not see a lot of transfer business anytime soon.