Lionel Messi takes to Instagram to shut down Serie A transfer rumours

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There will always be comparisons made between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, so many fans may have wondered if Messi would ever be tempted to prove himself away from the Camp Nou.

He’s always played for Barcelona as a professional so any haters will use that as something to denigrate him, as it’s always been set up for him to succeed and things have been built around him.

Barcelona are on a downward trajectory just now with an average team and they might not have the funds to sign all the players they need to be dominant again, so perhaps this would be the time for him to move.

You could almost understand Barca letting him leave so they could have a fresh start and look to build towards the future, but he’s come out on his social media account to shut down rumours of a move to Inter Milan.

A move to Inter would be interesting, but it doesn’t seem plausible when you consider Antonio Conte is in charge.

He’s a manager famous for demanding a relentless worth ethic and his 3-5-2 formation wouldn’t really suit the Argentine, so you have to question how credible these rumours ever were.

Obviously they weren’t credible at all after he spoke out, and this should come as good news for Barcelona and their fans.

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